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Princesagalore | PDAPLUG

3 Bundles + Closure

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Lengths + Closure

Princesagalore | PDAPLUG offers affordable high quality virgin hair extensions. Bundles length + Closure length. All closures are 4x4 unless specified differently.




Closures are 4x4. ALL textures are available. Please pay attention to your selection under the “Texture” section. The main image to promote may not be the same as your selection.


Please allow 2-5 business days to receive this product. Send your photos or any other content to @Princesagalore on Instagram or VIA email 



PSA: Due to lace shortages overseas all closures are FREE. If your requested closure length isn’t available, the length closest to your requested will be sent.

For example, if you’re in need of a 20” closure and it’s out of stock, you’ll be automatically sent 18”. If 18” is out of stock, 16” will be sent etc.

I apologize for any inconvenience. Lace shortages isn’t only with Princesagalore but also with other hair vendors/businesses.
- Princesagalore | PDAPLUG